Podcasts are a great way of telling children and parents what is going on at our school, for helping children share their work and enthusiasm and allowing students outside the school walls to plug into what goes on in the classroom.

What’s more, it gives pupils who were in the classroom the chance to listen again to what the teacher said on a topic, to re-check those notes and make sure, as well as to make it easier for non-English native speakers to re-listen to a lesson without the distractions that may make instant translation difficult the first time around.

A quality podcast can also mean that you can cover the basics without wasting classroom time. The simple delivery of the facts of a lesson in a podcast frees up the lesson itself for more detailed work – or, conversely, can provide the extra detail that takes some students off into other directions that a simple lesson can’t contain.

And if it’s the class itself producing the podcast, then instantly you’re talking about teamwork, enterprise, technical literacy and planning, as well as the need to research and write up the podcast topic in itself, and the chance for children to engage in a medium they may find rather cooler than a whiteboard. Let the students listen to other podcasts to find out what others are doing and then you can let them loose. And once they’ve found that they have an audience, the only limit is that of their imagination.


Podcasts will be added to this page for all to listen.