Kaya, wandjoo!  Nidja noonga boodjar noonook djinanginy.  Ngalak kadadj ngaalang nedigar wer boordiya koora koora  yey!
Dointj dointj kolbang baranginy. Noona koondarm.

Ngaany warnda baal kwobidak boorkadja.  Noonook noonan djera.

Welcome this is Noongar country you are seeing.  We acknowledge our ancestors and elders from long ago until today.

May  you feel welcome and enjoy your stay.  And together let’s go forward pursuing and achieving our dreams.


About Our School

Brentwood Primary School opened in 1956 and is situated 12 kilometres south of Perth. We provide learning programs for Kindergarten to Year 6 students.

We have a diverse population with over 20 different languages other than English. This diversity is valued and celebrated at Brentwood. We offer a high quality, engaging curriculum, with specialist teachers in Music which includes two choirs, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Science and Science Enrichment, Mathematics enrichment, English as an Additional Language or Dialect, Instrumental Music – guitar and violin, Primary Extension & Challenge(PEAC) and Japanese.