Parent Assemblies

School Assemblies

Assemblies are held at 8.50am on Friday mornings, usually once every three weeks, however this can vary according to other school activities. The dates of assemblies are published in the fortnightly newsletter and are available on our Term Planner. During each assembly class items, displays, reports, plays and musical items are presented. Merit certificates are awarded to various children for their efforts or contributions in class. All parents and friends are welcome to attend.

Merit Certificates

Merit certificates are issued to students, usually two or three per class, at each assembly. The children receiving the certificate are being recognised for excellence, achievement and citizenship. Additional certificates may be given for music, physical education, science, Japanese or visual arts achievements.

Gumnuts and Kooda

As part of the Virtues program Gold, Silver or Jewel gumnuts may be presented to students who have achieved 10, 25 or 50 virtues vouchers. Kooda, the school’s Koala mascot, is usually present to give the children a hug or ‘high 5’ in recognition of their fine achievement.

‘Aussie of the Month’

It is usual practice to announce a Junior and a Senior ‘Aussie of the Month’. These awards recognise students for their good citizenship, personal behaviour and achievement. They are supported by National Australia Day Council. Award recipients receive a certificate, badge, bookmark and stationery gift set.