Brentwood CONNECT Community

Connect Guide for Parents

CONNECT is an integrated online environment developed by the Department of Education WA for staff, students and parents in public schools. Brentwood Primary School is currently investigating the CONNECT as a communications platform to streamline communication between students, parents and the school. It is hoped that by eary 2020 implementation will have commenced.

Parents secure login details to CONNECT includes a P-number and Password. It is also the school’s secure method for providing parents with important notices from the School. It will also serve to deliver semester Reports to parents email accounts. Parents must have access to CONNECT to receive these notices. Any parent who has a recorded email address with the School will have access to Connect for each of their children. If parents wish to be removed from this service, please contact the school. If parents do not have CONNECT access then they are welcome to ring the School to be provided with login details. Access to the Connect link will be via the School’s website.

Connect Now

Connect also comes with a very handy App (either iTunes or Google Play) called Connect Now. By downloading this app, parents will be provided with notifications when a Notice has been sent.

More details as we get closer to implementation.